Texas Persimmon

April 2020. I have had this tree for 2 years and some of that time it was in the ground. It has been a very slow grower for me. The female gets black berries but I have yet to see flowers so as to determine the sex of my tree. The roots are exposed by accident but I hope I can use that effect.



Mar. 2020. I purchased this unremarkable azalea for 6 bucks the fall of 2018. I haven’t had any inspiration for it until today. I don’t like the way azaleas grow from the base like a bush. Even worse, mine had two trunks. Today I decided to see if I could cut all but one branch on one trunk to get a tree like shape. The root mass was as thick as Rastafarians hair do so I left most of it and planted at a angle. I left a sacrifice branch at the bottom to hopefully thicken the base. Not too hopeful but at least I don’t hate it.


Mar. 2020 I have had this in this pot for a year and it seems healthy and has some nice flowers. It is frustrating as a Bonsai as it grows slowly and not sure that it will back bud or ramify very well. Think I will cut all the flowers and branch ends off and see how it responds.

Ming Snowflake Aralia

Just picked this up Dec 2019. On you tube I gather it likes to dry out a little more than most, does not like direct sunlight and is not winter hardy. I like the trunk taper and hope to reduce the height by 50%. Keeping it inside and won’t water for a week or 2 and very dry. Will repot into Bonsai soil in March.

couldn’t wait for spring, heck it’s 75 out. I repotted and trimmed top.